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March 29, 2011


@Don. For 90% of working adults, charging at home is all we'll need. I'm sure that we'll always have the option to still plug it in to charge like we do today. But that's what? 10% of the time. So inductive charging is still the way to go for working adults.

HP will have it in the early fall and no excuses, Apple's ios devices should too. The old stupid sales talk of "we're late with x-feature because we wanted to do it better" is seen for what it is. An excuse. Will Apple have to say that again that they're late because of x-excuse? Let's hope not.

Wireless charging is cool at home...but what about in the car? On on the plane? Never say never, but the puzzle is incomplete. And as far as no buttons, I keep thinking fondly of the 3rd gen iPod...

Looks to me like along with iPhone and iPad will lose buttons. Also possibly lose the cable and go completely wireless for syncing.Because recharge by induction looks so cool. No more wires for recharge or sync...

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