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March 24, 2011


@ John patents actually can take some time. Lab research can take years, procedures documented, Patent searches to determine novelty or whether they are a variation of an existing idea or method or process. Lots of meta data, preamble and legalese. But a super secret project can be kept under wraps right before lodgment or disclosure to the public. All very interesting.

Just saying the name Zune is a LOL moment in itself. Thanks for that Narg.

Sounds like Apple wants to copy the Zune. LOL!

iOS 5 and iPhone 5 are symbiotic... iPhone is now the flagship product closely followed by iPad now... iOS 5 will also take advantage of dual cores on I devices...

@ iPhone 5. I doubt that it will happen that quickly. I don't think patents work that fast. Though it would be nice.

It's very interesting, iOS 5 will appear in april?

I like simple ideas because they're more likely to come to market faster. I really never liked Apple's online store on my iPod touch. So anything that they could do to provide us with a nicer interface the better.

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