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March 03, 2011


Actions like shaking etc. could pretty well serve as a triggers for session mode change; with iOS device in the pocket, one would like to start the tracked running session by single shaking the sensor (when sensor attached on leg). I'd like the idea to use nonstandard motions (nonstandard to given activity i.e. running etc.) to be used for that purpose (shaking leg = starting/ending my run).

We've seen the sports training patents before, but seemingly Apple's never pulled the trigger to really realise the potential sporting capabilities of an iPod. Hamfisted ANT dongles aside - Android handsets romp ahead through at least having the TI chips to do this kind of thing integrated. Least Apple's accumulating the patents on this should they go into it. If only they'd update to BTLE... It'll be interesting to see if they put GPS, gyro/accelerometers into the nano/ make something Fat nano sized for this coming fall.

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