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So Sad: Motorola Wants to Save You from Big Brother Apple


Motorola, the company whose chip was never able to keep Apple in the computer game, now wants us to root for them trying to save us from Big Brother Apple. Really? – That's the best that Motorola's marketing team could come up with? Yes Moto-Men, you're from a red planet and you're going to show us the way with …Google's Honeycomb? – Really? Does this get any funnier? Maybe it's just me. So, tell me what you think about this feeble attempt. Do you think that the old tired rehashed and replayed 1984 theme is up to the task of stopping the Apple iPhone freight train? – or are you ready to convert to the hole-y Queen Bee's Honeycomb? Comment now or after you've seen the whole joke on Sunday. Oh, by the way, there's a second funny video after the break. Check it out.  


Motorola Xoom - Part Deux: The Apple Cult



Oh save us Mild Mannered Moto-Man. My drone instincts are soooo confused! What shall I do? – Ha! Back to the drawing board Motorola. And this time Think Different! (Updated on Feb 7, 2011. The peek preview video originally presented has been replaced with the full video above)  

Have a great time on Super Bowl Sunday guys!




Thank you Motorola for giving me a choice. Now I feel much better choosing the iPhone.

Okay, the ad says .... I'm Friendly, really and I'm .... different from the cult. Yet appealing to the cult. NOT. But nice try

I want that hoodie! I'm going to print the Apple logo on the back of it.

I love the comments on here. Agree with Jane and Marcus. Motorola should try creating something on their own instead of imitating. Same goes for RIM and all the others.

That's the point, Olternaut. Someone SHOULD offer decent competition to Apple, but so far they have failed. After a fantastic experience with my iPad (my first Apple product), when it was time for a new computer I tried a Mac. Definitely will not be going back to Windows any time soon. I was a hardcore Zune girl for the longest time. Definitely not in the fanboi camp. The product won me over.

IF there is ever decent competition for Apple's products, I will give them a shot. So far, everyone is just waiting to see what Apple does and then puts out a poor imitation of it. The Motorola tablet is just another ______-killer. Supporting flash just isn't going to be enough.

You all are missing the point. Apple is indeed becoming big brother. Motorola may not be the company to offer decent competition. But someone should.

Did the man in the last video just walked the wrong way? Or did all the classy future people just walked the right way?

Do they really think that we want to be liberated by a brand that thinks 20 year in the past? Pathetic.

Well, the last major ad campaign from Motorola featured the Rolling Stones hit, "You can't always get what you want." This appears to be an improvement!

Hey Motorola, hey Google-- stop yapping and start shipping.

We're all getting older and no, we can't give you guys 15 years like we did Microsoft.

Personally, I don't think anyone will understand these ads, especially the average teenager/ young adult. Too bad, Motorola, but hey, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of, uh, inspiration, right?

What a joke.

I can't wait to buy a big hunk of plastic from Mototrola running Hunnybun that may never see an OS update! I bet I'll have the main option of a subsidized price with an expensive 2-year contract, too! Sign me up!

When I go to chose a new phone, I'll shop and likely still buy an iPhone. I checked out the market last Christmas and the cheap plastic crap and tiny screens etc did nothing for me. I've never bought a Motorola phone and never will. That's my choice moto.

The "One Authority" sales point is what the old school guys don't get. Too much choice leads to crappy confused and very often chaotic products. The market is so confused at the moment that it dumped Microsoft in a panic for another stupid OS from Google of all the stupid things.

Maybe WebOS could be the "alternative" of choice because anything moto or Google comes up with for that matter is never going to be on my shopping list. Google is a cheap, bottom line company. Class isn't in the cards.

Next week HP unveils some real competition with a hardware/software package worthy of a look. And it's from an Ex Apple engineer I could trust.

Seriously, I'm interested in seeing all of the second half of the second ad. The first ad you show is a complete bomb and Moto should yank it before airing it, because it looks like they've been personally wounded by Apple and they're trying to get back at them. Real old-school nonesense. Going back to 1984 is just too backward thinking. Nostalgia doesn't work here guys, really.

Hole-y vs Holy. Ha, good one. Ya, Judas the hole-y one (Eric Schmidt).

Motorola is the mild manner guy who's out of place, alone, and well, wanting to look fruity. It's lonely being a fruity guy. So how is that to going to change our minds? Do you want to be a Girly-Man? My friend Arnold wants to know.

I love that hoodie.

Big Brother was the one who sent Judas to sit on Apple's Board as a trusted friend, only to stab Apple in the back. I think WE know who Big Brother is and the joke is on Moto for being their puppet.

Being mindless would be falling for that drivel...

I think Moto will make more money selling the hoodies. I know that I want one. I could see myself in one right now as Priestess Jane :)

The Motorola Dufus phone with their exclusive Honeycomb OS. Oh boy, the toys that they put in cereal boxes today. What will they think of next?

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