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February 03, 2011


Excellent report and it's nice to see that you cover foreign sites in their native languages.

Whiney Appleinsider puts out a skimpy little report in January with no detail and now that this site puts out a detailed report that we could sink our teeth into and enjoy, the insider whines that they were first. First with what? They should be called AppleWhiners!

A serious animation director, artist and toy designer named Steve Talowski over at Sketchbot tweets: "Would love to see this come to fruition!"

You'll also notice that his artist buddies Joenis, Oddernod, chipocalypse, Atomos and NonToy also give thumbs up for this invention by tweeting: "Let's hope Apple is listening!

Great to hear that Artists want this. So Apple, are you Listening? :)


With HP trademarking DuoPad, TouchSlate and TouchCanvas recently, it's clear that next Wednesday's unveiling of HP's true iPad competitors will take on Apple in earnst. HP will have Apple in a tail spin, especially with Jobs out of the picture. It may take a year to pinch Apple, but their days are numbered. HP will rule!

Wouldn't Ive's ... [take a fit at the thought of scratching the iPad's precious screen?]

(I'm sure that Apple engineers discuss these matter with Ive. If it launches, Tom, I'm sure Ive's will sing its praises, as usual. JP.)

Apple needs to show leadership by reinventing the stylus and graphics pens of yesteryear. Especially the stylus in general. I like touch but it's not the answer for everything. Nice to see Apple hard at work to find the right solution worthy of their brand.

Cool. Lets hope they put an improved handwriting recognition from Newton into a future iPad.

What I don't understand is why Wacom has yet to release a bluetooth pen that supports pressure. This is a no brainer to do for iPad. The value of their more expensive display tablets is about to hit rock bottom. Now if Apple makes the density of the surface more refined, even better graphics art could be done. I am betting iPad3 is going to shake up digital art. look for Apple to file more patents on this in the future.

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