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February 24, 2011


@ J. Heckle
Yes exactly... notice how Honeycomb and Android OS on tablet are using 3 screen icons bottom left to navigate rather than the home button or other gestures... They're avoiding court. Apple are very smart with organically patenting gestures... and looking at the patents they purchased from that touch pad developer and have recently marked on placing hands in various positions on the screen [hand based screen gestures appear defensive rather than practical at this time]. Quite smart.

Yes, and Apple was first to use Multitouch but Google uses it too. Some aspects of products are common like an address book. Apple is trademarking something that they'll use and want the right to use it without being sued. The point is that you could have multiple vendors use common components or elements like a hamburger is common to fast food. Google's use of a very common English word means nothing.

Google's been using "Places" in a computer context for quite some time.

Some think that Apple using Places in context with a social networking site won't fly because others have used it. That's like saying, my next car better not have a steering wheel because everyone else has one. Maybe I should tell my local burger place to stop calling it a burger because it's been used before. Maybe we should call it the iTalkie because the word phone is used by everyone else.

I think you get the drift. Some aspects of the social networking revolution will have some common ground elements and Places seems to be one of them. It's not that difficult to understand and it doesn't always have to be something 100% original or cutting edge. It's what Apple will do with Places that matters. Not the friggin branding of the thing. And, if it falls under Ping, then it makes all the more sense.

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