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December 02, 2010


Great find!

This is the first real mention specifically of optical connections in this much detail, pointing to Light Peak as far as I know. CES and IDF 2010 videos both had Intel saying 2011 for OEMs and general release (with one of the manufacturers involved saying 2011 also as they were gearing up this year) - then apparently Intel backtracked.

Makes sense to go via USB3/ MagSafe. Given the daisychain and star possibilities of Light Peak, it's great to see that the patented device can basically convert (both ways?) from DVI or other IO to optical LP I/O.

If ever Apple was going to change from 30 pin, it'd be to this new LP containing connector type presumably - it'd be hard to put LP into the current 30 pin, but doable either by a USB3/LP hybrid cable or MagSafe connection. They must be working hard on reducing the footprint of the converter box - you can see the difference 2009 vs 2010 - if that could fit into an ATV/Mac Mini that'd be amazing.

LP might not fit into an iPhone, or iPod Touch (yet) but if they wanted to (and discounting cost) - there's enough space in the iPad to actually push it to LP - around the batteries there is empty space, enough to add the components for LP.

Syncing a 64GB iPad with movies over LP from a LP Mac? Now that would sell systems!

One things for sure, LP can't be written off next year.

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