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December 23, 2010


I've personally never had a problem like others with the iPhone with or without a case.

(? - Verizon email address)

In the patent about location updating, the sharer establishes a connection with the server and goes to idle. Then, when a requesting device asks for the sharer's location, the server will send a push message asking the sharer to update. I think that's how it's done.

Sean, The WiFi only iPad does not have the black panel at the top for the second radio / antenna which is located on the main iPad Board. The iMac also has the WiFi antenna under the logo. MBP will definitely inherit this feature... and future Mac's with LTE.

That's clearly an iPhone shown in the first graphic that's using the logo antenna. Interesting. Apple's engineers are sharp, so they must think this is a better way. I won't ask why because I don't get this stuff to begin with. If it works, i buy it. Pretty simple.

You took the words right out of my mouth Charlie.

I'm still hoping to get a new MacBook in 2011 and hopefully with built in LTE instead of a USB style stick. I could always hope can't I? I know patents take a while to work through, but the iPad now has this so why not an entry MacBook?

Add it up. A wrist watch + cell antenna = funtastic. Beam me up Scotty!

Someone mentioned that it's also in the MacBook. Really? It has a cell antenna? Not! Misinformation or ignorance? No, the patent focuses on two products as noted as fig 1 and 2 in the patent which are shown in the opening graphic in this report. There is no cell antenna in a MacBook and the iPhone has yet to utilize this. The fact that the iPad just rolled out this year already proves that the patent is working but it still has to roll out into products with a cell antenna. Is the 3G iPad's antenna using this? Does anyone know?

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