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December 16, 2010


The patent noted above as "Devices with Profile-Based Operating Controls" is very interesting on several levels:

1) As indicated, It could allow company applications to securely co-reside with personal applications on a device used for business and personal use (whether the device is personally owned or company owned)

2) The "entity" could, in one manifestation, be the Apple App store. Through the described process, Apple could assure that Apps provided by the app store will only be [re]authorized to run on designated devices. This would protect Apple and 3rd-party Developers from unauthorized use or modification of their apps

3) By assuring security of business apps and curated app store apps, Apple could allow installation of a 3rd class of apps. These could be made available by 3rd-party developers without distribution or curation by Apple.

4) A variation of 3) is to allow the end user to write apps (or modify general-purpose apps) that could be easily installed as "private apps" on the user's devices and those of his friends or family.

5) Another variation of 3) and 4) would be for an individual or a company to freely distribute apps and content to potential customers or users. This could be used for things like:

-- an Artist distributing an app that shows examples of his work (his portfolio)
-- a Restaurant furnishing an app that shows its menu and allows ordering
-- an Interior Design service with an app that allows users take pictures of rooms, then experiment with various colors and textures for decoration, then provide an estimate of the costs
-- A Moving company with an app that allows the user to easily take a home inventory and prepare an estimate of moving costs
-- A Caterer with an app for planning weddings or events

The effect of this patent could allow Apple to meet the security needs of Apple, enterprises, developers and end-users -- while, at the same time giving all the ability to customize the device for their own specific needs.

It could eliminate the reasons for JailBreaking.

Dick Applebaum

(Dick, Thanks for taking the time to break down that business patent noted above. What an excellent contribution!)

Jack Purcher
Patently Apple

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