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October 14, 2010


it looks as though a pivoting iMac with 3D desktop may be on the cards along with X-Lion.

OS X 10.7: Will be named Lion. I'd like to see the kernel become 64 bit all over. Snow Leopard omitted the large Phoenix like groundwork on QuickTime. It got gutted, and we haven't seen it fleshed out yet - AirPlay is one step in that. We'll see Core OS increase likely - bringing iOS and mac OS closer. Just look at apple.com - they're making their site multitouch and finger friendly.

The Mac Book Air: something bigger could be at work here. Perhaps more involved SSD usage. It's not just an SSD drive but more like SSD integration - as Flash is for an iPod. So this points to TRIM support for starters. I'd imagine they'll push this. And i'll bet that Optibay conversions for current MBP holders will increase too!

Other Possilbe Things: How about 64bit iTunes? Possibly iLife 11 64bit. I'd love an iWork AirPlay update to Keynote. Apple could talk Light Peak USB3 if they wanted to show where things were going. Would make MBA one helll of a machine in comparison to current old version.

We haven't heard about the mapping companies bought for a while - Apple could be adding some more integration into the key OS apps (mail contacts safari etc). the Google integration of phone to Chrome surely will get countered.

Pseudo 3D perspective in 10.7. Will iSight resolution get a bump to HD? Apple bought a facial recognition (Polar Rose) company and could use their technology to recognise eye position and head movement or "Head Tracking."

Multitouch gets an added bonus when using 3D OS - a natural 2 finger gesture could be used to not only rotate around the z axis, but also in the x and y axes objects.

If they add this, then they could roll it into games. That would be one awesome addition if playing on an iMac, or via a screen that had a compatible cam attached that could use it. Castles in the sky?

Apple wants to "roar" into 2011 like a "Lion" (next OS X Cat).

So what am I hoping for? Well I'm hoping for a 23 or 24" LED Display upgrade for the bottom price tier iMacs. I'm hoping for the i5 Quads to dip down to price tiers 2 and 3. I'd like to see Apple drop the top end imac in favor of a mini tower pushing games, games and games. That won't happen but this is a wish list for Santa, right?

For MacBooks. I'd like to see a switch to AMD's new cool-running Fusion chips. This new chip is due to arrive any day now on the market.

The switch to Fusion would leapfrog Sandy Bridge's big day at CES and piss on Intel's parade.

On the software front, I'd like to see a new graphics app for iWork. Nothing too fancy, just a good round set of tools for the basics.

I think it's just a way to say, here's a peek at something new coming to the next version of Leopard without really saying anything whatsoever about 3D or touch. Apple underwhelms us when it comes to OSX. Will next week change things? Let's hope because I'm tired of everything being focused on iOS. Some of us still want our desktops to wow us once again!

Sometime between 2011 and 2012 we're going to see a huge leap forward on many fronts. USB 3, maybe Light Peak I/O, 8 core rockets on 22nm silicon, LTE at 10X 3G speeds and the OS as we know it is long overdue for an overhaul as one of your reports about the coming revolution points out. So I think that Apple is timing this discussion well. A way to pump us up. Could you imagine if Apple actually put out a beta for us to test out? No. But I could dream can't I?

I wouldn't read too much into Apple's event graphics. I thought the last one meant they were going to launch a new paint program because of the splash of paint event graphic. It didn't mean that at all. So, it's fun to play with it like trying to figure out the deeper meaning behind a Beatles album cover (yes it dates me)but it's just marketing baloney.

Ya, I agree. I think the graphic is conveying a shift to 3D. But it could also just be Apple saying that they're turning a new leaf on OSX. Whatever that means i don't know..

I'd love to see Apple dump Intel. They've been pissed ever since Apple snubbed Atom for the iPhone. So bring on AMD's fusion processors. With OpenCL Apple will have it buzzing just as good as any Intel cpu. Bring it on!

No brainer, multitouch imac coming in 2011. we just saw the patent on it.

My vote is for a 3D version of OS X.

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