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October 07, 2010


I would really love to see this kind of connector in the next iPad/iPhone iteration in 2011

yep. only the MagSafe and all content will be sync online.. that's the future, will see.

Immediate thought was LightPeak in a MagSafe connector. You could then have:

* Computer to iPad/iPhone/iDevice:
USB3 Type A connector (with hybrid Light Peak in the middle one end) and on the other, Magsafe with LP in the middle.

* Wall socket to iDevice:
Could use the same USB Type A connector with LP cable - just need the normal 2/3pin plug adaptor.

If they go Light Peak, they'd need to transition. Can you get LP over a 30 pin connector? Exactly.

Maybe not going to happen, but would be very interesting if it does. We're basically waiting out for the Q1 2011 Macs, to see if Light Peak emerges alongside Sandy Bridge/Huron River, and to see why Intel's missing USB3 on it's chipset currently. (One theory being they're holding out to sort the USB3 LightPeak cabling standard, and then have LP on board the chipset - we've already seen an Apple Mac Light Peak motherboard demo, and also the most recent demo was a laptop with a USB3 LP cable.)

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