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September 25, 2010


Smart bezel was always on the cards. A previous patent had shown 'blisters' curving in from the edge of the screen from the bezel indicating zones the user could touch on the bezel to apply functions not used directly on the display.... If that is what it is... Alternately it could be an additional layer for example... Transparent solar panel/cells...

"That's the Way (I Like It)"

Could the bottom left be the new antenna location?

Could that zone be magnetic?

Now with AirPlay, who needs Docking any more?

I agree that it is going to be context sensititive, more like an action button - probably a sort of multi-touch too, pinch, pinch and tab, swipe - good even be like a magic mouse, or 5 button navigator ala the iPod

makes sense anyway - cant wait for this to come out, been waiting for 2nd gen way too long already

Smart bezel would likely be context-sensitive: take picture with camera, would be an obvious use, others might be things like mute/unmute audio stream, pause video.

nope. that's not a hdmi or usb. it's just the SIM card slot.

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