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September 16, 2010


A very simple solution for the macbook tablet, an upright barrel hinge that has a pin through it for it to go horizontal. This way the barrel can be split in 2 for a natural 360 degree spin for the lid when it is upright meaning it can be closed with the screen face up. This will also mean that the screen can be pivoted to show others something without moving the entire laptop. much better than a complicated sliding hinge!

I was wondering when someone would start putting out devices with FPGA's to assist the core, or perhaps a device with it's entire core or 2 or 4 or 6 of these things in it's guts...

@ Jack. Every once in a while I let a PC ranter's comment sneak in just to demonstrate their unballanced views and anger. Did this report talk about Jobs as a control freak? No. Did it mention anything about Apple pricing? No. So I think that you should stop clicking your heels togehter and mumbling to yourself Jack before the Funny Farm Team comes to take you away to the wonderful Wizard of Oz.


I was waiting for someone to remind us that Apple products are overpriced and that Steve Jobs is a control freak. Let's keep the mantra going and wish him away. Might want to try clicking your heels three times and mumbling something to yourself.

Ya, you give it to them Mike! Ha!

Apple is almost never first to market. They weren't the first to market with a digital music player, a tablet, or a smartphone. "First" is meaningless. What matters is creating a user experience that inspires imagination and captivates the public. Further, if Apple is interested in entering this hybrid market, it will garner press attention far beyond that of what Dell or any other PC maker can muster and one really shouldn't underestimate good PR. Finally, Apple would no doubt launch such a device with an ad campaign that makes it seem as if the competitors products never existed.

If you look closely at the Dell prototype, you could still see the display being held up with a velcro strip in the left hand corner. It'll be interesting to see if Dell was all-talk or if this device really comes to market on time as presented at IDF. Because velcro at this stage of the game is a little silly. We'll know in good time.

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