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September 24, 2010


I was in the covent garden store the other day and on the top floor I noticed an area set aside called a briefing room. It was 'guarded' by an Apple employee and people were going into it, but I don't know what it was about.

Later in the day I was back in the store and there were a lot of people in business suits standing around talking about how Apple set up their stores...so I agree with the suggestion this is business focussed.

As we all know, Macs have a very small market share in businesses. It seems as though Apple was waiting - like Cartier-Bresson - for just the right moment - to spring on the business segment.

And what timing! The iPhone made inroads. The iPad has been a huge success. Apple has a great reputation and is known everywhere. The enterprise is primed. Now Apple launches a frontal attack!

If Apple were to double its enterprise share it would be a small gain in overall share percentage points, but huge in terms of Apple's sales.

If they are really putting together a full scale assault on the enterprise, then you can expect 20% worldwide share in 3 years - 4x current Mac sales assuming 0 growth in overall PC sales.


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