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1 - Cover - Apple logo covers online social networking - Apple Inc Sept 2010

An interesting surprise was revealed by the US Patent & Trademark Office over the Labor-Day weekend. They revealed that Apple filed two new major service extensions to their most recognized logos. The filings were originally filed on the day prior to Apple's Special Event under applications 85120231 and 85120250. Both applications were filed under a single International Class which covers "online social networking and introduction services" as well as "security services." The latter is for protecting privacy data collected. The newly extended trademark coverage legally covers Apple's new venture into Ping: A Social Network for Music.

Apple's Trademark Applications In-Part

2 - Apple Trademark - 231

3 - Apple TM application in-part 

Apple Trademark International Class Details

International Class 045: Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals, namely, online social networking and introduction services; online social networking services, namely, facilitating social interaction among individuals, social introductions, and for finding persons with particular hobbies, interests and backgrounds; providing a social networking website; security services for the protection of property, namely, monitoring of computerized data for security purposes.

4 - two applications to extend core coverage of Apple logos for online social networking 

Apple acquired the rights to the Ping trademark from the Karsten Manufacturing Corp prior to its launch on September 1, 2010.

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