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August 23, 2010


ipad´s to heavy... iphone´s screen´s to small... iMac 27 is to large ... so a 22 imac touch and a 11 inch macbook air touch would blend right in.

the most tricky part is on the soft-w-side.. how will you find files and on which OS? The approach would have to be "ease-of-use" for techy-boy as well as for grandmom ...

We could however, expect something "slick" for Jobs to unveil at a future keynote. :-) bless ya´/stefan j.

Fully enabling Mac OS X to do iOS-like touch input is a no brainer.

We need to be able to run iOS applications on Mac OS X. They don't need an A4 processor. Simply implement an A4 emulator like Rosetta used to emulate PowerPC. In Dashboard is one way; standalone apps is better.

We need a tablet that runs OS X. It's a huge hole between iPad and Macbook that needs to be filled. We need a Macbook with a screen that twists and folds to a tablet - with full emulation for iOS apps.

Apple desktops and laptops will (probably) support both iOS and OS X. That means users will be able to run all those 250,000 apps on their Apple laptops and desktops! That would be very very powerful. Something that Microsoft and Google (or HP or Nokia) will not be able to duplicate (or compete with) in the foreseeable future. Wow!

Does this mean that Apple desktops and laptops will get an A4 chip addition?!

The fact that you could plug your iPhone into the iMac touch and make calls and take calls from the iPhone confirms to me at least, that the touch OS referred to in the patent or touch UI is iOS without the marketing moniker of course (as iOS is very recent). It seems to be a seamless interaction between iPhone and iMac touch, according to the patent. I see where you make the connection to iOS. Very good.

@ Colton

If you could hold on until October, you might see this. But if not, then it could be 2011. I would hang on for one extra month when the Mac line up gets set for Christmas. But if September is your deadline, then buy now Colton.

So is a touchscreen MacBook going to be released September 2011??? If not then I'm just going to get one this September.

It could happen, to compete with Windows.

Glad to see Apple continues to innovate

sounds good.

Can you imagine the battery life iOS can get on a MacBook battery? It'll truly be a dream come true.

What is almost certainly going to happen with the Mac is Apple will transition Mac OS to touch. Probably with Mac OS 11.

A key part of this transition is all the apps will have to have Cocoa interfaces. Because then the system can do things like scale up the interface and the apps inherit those changes. Notice that Apple killed 64-bit Carbon and has given 3rd party developers plenty of time during the Snow Leopard era to rebuild their apps in 64-bit Cocoa.

It's very exciting, but it is definitely a Mac OS thing, not an iOS thing.

There is a brilliance to Apple's consumer/pro interface split that is certainly not going away. It's a major, major advantage.

Thanks for bringing this patent to us.

The patent talks about allowing the iPhone (cell phone) to work with the touch UI but not necessarily with the other UI (OSX). The changing UI shows one illustation that it's a mouse oriented UI and the other mode as noted above is clearly a touch based UI ... compaitble with working with the iPhone. So yes, I see two OSs and it makes sense to have both on one platform. Unless Apple announces anything differently, it's a no brainer.

As I read it, the patent is not concerned with switching operating systems (which would be ridiculous) but rather with switching "input modes." Am I wrong?

@ Narg

Apple's flex arm that triggers one OS to switch to another isn't done by any other PC OEM today. Thank you for your honest opinion, but it's blind to the technology that the patent presents.

How can Apple patent this? It's already been used in so many other computers already.

The obvious way to transition between Mac OS and iOS? Replace Dashboard with iOS. Done.

Hey Jack,

Good catch!


Can you imagine video editing on something like this?

My thoughts... it's genius... I love the idea of grabbing the screen to get stuck in to iOS and pushing it away to go OS X.
So simple when you think about it; but no other tech company seems to 'get it' quite like Apple.

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