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August 02, 2010



The Nikkei publication did get it wrong. Good catch Wolfgang. It is an iPhone and not an iPod touch.

i think, there is no iPod Prototype it is a normal iPhone 3Gs (see at 1:37 the camera at backside)

The proof that something like this is coming is that the back of iPhone 4 is glass. That is a HUGE tell.

Seems better than Immersions. But isn't one problem layering? The special layer is the glass/plastic right on top - how would that fit with Apple's current glass design?

Would be great news potentiallyfor the blind/visually impaired to help accessibility by giving boundaries of UI elements etc.

In some ways, wouldn't it make more sense in the Magic Pad/Mac trackpad? We'll see I guess, the multiyear rumour of a Tablet finally came to fruition, so who knows if Apple will eventually add tactile feedback. Seems NFC might be more likely for iPhone 5 - If Senseg's stupid enough to be touting it on Apple tech, then my guess is we won't see it for a while. If Apple was on board, wouldn't Senseg now be screwed?

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