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August 20, 2010


Congratulations! You have so much useful information, write more.

All of the above sounds useful and possible. Maybe there are some converging events?

Location Based Services - Checking-In: There's checking in for bragging rights and then there's broadcasting/sending your location to gain information back from other companies nearby, to see where you are in relation to other people you know with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Say Apple made a Point-of-Interest (POI) database but expanded it slightly so as to contain businesses who wanted in on social checking-in and all that goes with it (location based transient apps, push notification ads etc).

Owning the stack would be very advantageous for one big reason: you wouldn't need to be in an app to utilize it. Apple could have background multitasking, allowing them to use location.

This sounds like another potential goldrush. I think that it's fair to say NFC/RFID services are coming to the iPhone 5.

It seems to dovetail nicely with iGroups - http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2010/03/igroups-apples-new-iphone-social-app-in-development.html (Share information, location, content (pictures, text/chat, video if you're in wifi even maybe).

And who wouldn't want to hook up to transient apps, notifications/prioritizing iAds if you told advertisers where you were? From social gatherings, concerts, events, to tradeshows the location aspect, beyond the social aspect could be big, and ultimately useful for the iPhone, Touch user.

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