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August 11, 2010



On Apple TV:

Considering the GPU they'll put into the iTV it's not going to be difficult for them to run in full 1080p.

I still think it will be the first system that is an A5/ARM Cortex A9 Multicore CPU running on an Apple product. Then the iPad second revision will be the next system to have one.

On General Mac Computing:

I'd just love for Apple to embrace the next generation AMD Bulldozer architecture/Bobcat as an option for their Mac Pros and XServe systems, not to mention iMacs. The sacred cow is obviously the Macbook line and if they open their entire list to run the latest options I doubt Intel would want to play ball.

It seems to me that ATi is a far better solution for OpenCL and multiple GPU chips for hybrid video and much more than Intel's crippled option.

What's taking Apple so bloody long. Get this out the door now, not next year. Show some leadership here. And that stupid news about iTV from engadget, give me a break. Dumbest thing I've heard all year. If they do that then Phil Schiller or Jobs will have to step down. Who wants 720p just to accomodate Apple's billion dollar bank account. Note to Apple: Give your customer what they want and not what you want!

While typing on the iPad was not as awkward as I expected, its not as nice as my macbook's physical keyboard. I'll be interested to see if the virtual keyboard resembles current keyboards or gets re-invented to take full advantage of multitouch technology.

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