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August 05, 2010


@ Sticky

They said that about the iPod. There was the walkman and other lame MP3 players, so who needed another MP3 Player? They said that about the iPhone. There was Motorola and Nokia, so who needed an iPhone? They said that about the iPad. Msft. has had tablets and they never were excepted in the market. The iPad will never fly said the crippled critics and the myopic naysayers. So, Sticky, join the losers and sticky-it up your ....

why is apple getting any credit here at all, there are more than a few options out there already. I'm baffled as to why anything apple does gets this type of press.

@ Eric V

That's what they said about Apple getting into the cell phone business, late. I'm not sure that matters, Eric. Apple has destroyed that business myth.

@ Rob

You could always put the iPhone in a zip-lock bag.

Seems like Apple would be getting into the cycling metrics game pretty late with this product. Garmin and Cyclops have been making GPS and powermeter units for years and are established as THE sensor/feedback units for cyclists.

Hello my name is Marcelo and I live in Uruguay Ing. I would like to help in this project as a test marketer because I am interested in Bikes.

@ Giulio

There's a cool solution called B.iCycle that works on the iPhone. It's GPS based and thus can't be as exact as a sensor-based, but it is pretty accurate if you fix the phone on a mount. I've used it for quite a while and I'm still impressed.

@ Rob

Thanks for your feedback. However, I'm sure that Apple will come up with an accessory for the bike, should they actually bring this to market, that'll encase the iPhone from weather. The iPhone won't be dangling in the wind, that's for sure.

What happens the first time it'll rain? The iPhone will drown. We're already seeing rejections for repairs because of 'moisture sensor failures'.

I use srm cycle computer but the display is not intuitive and the software is Windows only. I can't wait for Apple to put all of these features on my iphone.

The question I have is with the cloud, 150. Presently, many bike systems use various independent wireless standards to communicate info from sensors to a bike cyclocomputer. So what happens when a person rides off their carrier's footprint, out of range of their towers? I say this as a racing official who regularly attends races in rural areas where most cell phone carriers don't reach.

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