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July 23, 2010


The topic is Dell's Bombshell.

The topic is Dell's Bombshell and nice try in deflecting it back to Apple.

Dell deceived the market for 20 quarters!!! That's a "crime" without a doubt. In fact 20 times a crime because they knowingly continued it for 20 consecutive quarters. Lied to analysts for 20 consecutive quarters.

Micheal Dell should go to prison for white collar crime, period! The SEC, are equally at fault by slappying Dell with only a 100 million dollar fine = 5 million dollars per false quarter. That's a joke to the profiteering that went on with a truly dead stock in reality.

The SEC should have come down on dell with a billion dollar fine. Now all companies will say that for 5 million we could lie through our teeth. What a sad joke on shareholders and on the U.S. stock market overall. I'm sure this practice goes far beyond Dell. That's what's scary.

@Mike I

Educate yourself before judging based on flawed reporting. If you don't like Apple (which is obvious), that's your problem, but get the facts straight before kicking others.

Smartphone antenna problems:

Press Conference and Videos of other smartphones with the same problem:


I understand you'll say it's Apple propoganda, but again, that's your problem. Others who read the facts and see the videos segments noted above will conclude that the problems hailed in the PC press (and even some stupid Apple fan sites) were based on hysteria, not facts.


Ha ha ha ha! You go off topic because you see a typical feud breakout between long-time fan based rivals. Linux is a primarily a Euro thing or for poor students. You have to disguish between our having fun with our long standing "rivalry" and needing a new platform. We appreciate our leading OSs in the world vs. some geeky thing that no one wants to write software for. Got it?

This is why Linux will probably overcome apple: none of the Gates/Jobs feud from the 1970s to deal with. Too much baggage.

Hey Maggie, Selling a known defective product? Don't you mean Apple's new iPhone 4?!?

It's easy to see how Dell has survived. First by getting a large portion of its profits from under the table dealings, without telling investors where it was coming from, and so making it seem as though operations were more profitable than they were, and apparently "working the books".

Secondly, by knowingly selling defective computers for years, and lying about it to even their largest customers.

I wonder what profits they would have had left if neither practice was undertaken.

@Don - I'm a PC

I can't tell if you're being funny or not :D

I wasn't aware that Microsoft was ever gone so I'm not sure how they're gonna be 'back'. Their numbers this year have been quite healthy. However, looking at Dell, they are in a world of hurt and are a declining brand. Take for instance the company I work for. We were exclusively Dell until January of this year. Suddenly we had Toshiba, Levono, and a smattering of Apples. Dell vanished from our company templates. New CTO? Nope. New IT director? Nope. Just the frustration of the 'Dell Malaise' that infected their consumer side seemed to taint even their corporate sales side.

I suppose they may 'be back', but I somewhat doubt an Apple-like rise from the ashes. Such recoveries are actually pretty rare, and at least at the moment, there's nothing to differentiate Dell.

No unique products, no unique systems, nothing that _any_ other OEM can do just as well. Until something changes, the brand is unlikely to rise.

I was surprised to read of the depth of the problem as outlined by the SEC. But think of the unemployment that could have occured if there wasn't some back deal to save Dell's butt. It would have sent an unthinkable negative shock wave around the world in every market if Dell had to announce numbers down to that degree. So Dell and Intel did what they had to do to keep people working. So on one hand it's bad but it could have been disastrous - for more than just Dell.

The market looks ahead and Dell will live another day and rebound. That's business folks.

To Don - I'm a PC....

Now THAT was FUNNY!!!!!

Dell will be back as will Microsoft. Enjoy you're short lived hour in the sun. Economic times have been hard in the business space. Once it picks up, Dell will once again rise up.

Dell has never understood that they needed some kind of software plan. To not get that over these many years proves that Dell is really a one legged pony whose time has past. They should have done everything they could to have acquired Palm. And they passed to what? Rely on Microsoft. The one that helped PC sales crash due to the lack of innnovation. I've owned a number of Dells and liked them. But it'll be a long time before I consider another one again. HP, Google and Apple are the leaders now.

How could they ever be trusted again, seriously? Both as a company on the stock market and as computer supplier? Didn't they also knowingly sell defective products and just got caught? Dell may never recover.

Wow - what a story. I wonder if that's the reason why Apple "may" be considering a move to AMD rather than stick around with Intel! Well ... it'll be an interesting fall indeed.

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