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July 27, 2010


$1699 for an i3? Are you kidding me! What a joke. I didn't see "the love" from Apple with this useless upgrade.


Didn't you once work at Apple? So your opinion is a little shaded on this topic, no? I still get pissed off that an i5 iMac will set me back about 50% more than a PC from Dell. Apple's financials are through the roof for taking their customers to the cleaners and it's now at the sick level.

When Apple was struggling to survive we didn't mind paying a premium. But now with their market cap where it is, give me a break! They're just pigs.

In hard times like these, Shame on Apple!

I'm amused at many of these comments. With < 10% of the Desktop/Laptop market Apple's new line of iMac systems are a solid improvement and for the 90% who don't already own one this is a nice line up.

Most people expecting leaps and bounds between revisions seem to forget that Desktop/Laptop industries don't reinvent themselves every 9-12 months.

i3 was a bit light weight for Apple, and at the price...entry should have been i5.
Apple playing patsy, for now... to Intel.

Go AMD!!!!

No USB 3, no change in the display size like 23" or much of anything to motivate me to buy. I was really hoping for more.

Apple should have thrown in the option of either giving us the Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse with our purchase of a new iMac. Always nickle and dimming us to the death. Not much to get excited about here. With all their billions you'd expect their pricing to finally give us little guys a break. The joke's on us, again.

Where's the new graphics app? Also, the mid iMacs should have gone with a 23 or 24" LED. Apple rushed this because they were too busy with other things like the iPad and antennagate hassles. I waited 9 months for this? Argggg.

Yawn. To get the i5 and 1GB video card I have to spend over 2,000 bucks. No way. Think different and think again Apple.

Based on specs alone, I think that the i3 should have only been on the bottom line iMac. I was very disappointed that I can't get the i5 a decent price. Apple's priorities are now on portables and we who love the iMac get shafted. There's no excuse for the i5 to be priced that high. They could have offered a slower i5 if need be. I'll pass.

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