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June 18, 2010


It also supports 1700MHz 3G with support for WIND in Canada and T-Mobile in the USA.

Soon it'll be available unlocked via Apple Stores in Canada, and also from the provider WIND.

People in the USA will also be able to buy these phones and use them on T-Mobile USA.

My take on this is that it has to do with a future lawsuit against Gizmodo.

There are some Blackberries that are both GSM/CDMA.
ie: The Blackberry 8830

There is even a iDEN/GSM phone the Motorola i930

I'm voting for a non-event.

Could the front facing glass be used for barcode scanning and facilitate quick check-out and credit card use all in one? This could revolutionize any shopping experience, from grocery stores to who knows what.

Maybe iPhone 4 will already support LTE networks!

2nd Inductive Charging

HD Radio and RFID. Those are technologies the FCC cares about.

@Doug. Good point about the radio being the FCC's concern here, though that doesn't fit with the manual being listed as one of the itemized things that Apple wanted covered. There could have been one or more prototypes and we may indeed find something interesting. If not, oh well, no harm done.

We still have to see the FCC docs in 45 days to determine what is being supressed. Apple wouldn't write a letter to supress if there wasn't something to supress. The logic stands.

A working telephone?

Brilliant. You're right. The revelation of the 512mb of ram actually confirms what they were conveying in the letter to the FCC. They didn't want this information out. It did and that's now history. But Apple tried to have that supressed until release time. There was a nice surprise planned and I only hope that there's still just one-more-thing :)

With 200 features on the iPhone 4, how can there not be.

What would the FCC be interested in? Radio type communications.

They could care less about ram since it is not in their jurisdiction to govern the amount of ram.

A radio is a possibility, but again if it's cool Jobs would want to show that off onstage, so while possible I think this is not the secret. Plus didn't apple buy either Lala or a clone and the iphone would probably use the data network rather than radio to pull down music.

If it were CDMA it would make the most sense as it could be a contractual thing. AT&T might require them to wait a while so they have exclusive rights to the new iphone for a while, then when the FCC docs are nearly public Verizon could announce the support. I know jobs said there was a 5 year deal, but we don't know the details... maybe it had to have unlimited data plans and AT&T broke it, or there were other clauses. I'm sure neither company painted themselves into a corner.

To me the CDMA seems to make the most sense. It's just another radio on a chip... if Apple doesn't do it someone will eventually, that is the sort of thing that I think they would do.

Also ... look at the comments made about AT&T and the general network, Jobs is no longer content to let AT&T control the iphone. Again I think it's a contractual thing at this point.

my 2 cents

Solar panel

Adding a vote for the touch sensitive backing. Just a hunch, but something about the way Apple's official protector case left the back exposed is suspicious. If it was just about keeping the logo visible, why not simply add a logo to the back of a case?

Never leave home without one, got it?
It's probably an integrated shopping and payment device already built into the phone.

solar charging or something that utilizes light through the backside glass.

The RAM surprise, Maybe. An interesting tidbit in the manual, perhaps. Some software surprises, plural, very likely because Steve Jobs did say there was over 200 tweeks coming. So I'll be stunned if there's nothing new. Of course there's something coming. Just not in respect to hardware. The "User Manual" could have laid out one or more of these software surprises as in, how to use something. My 2 cent bet.

It won't happen, but I'd love to see at least USB 3 offered on the iPhone 4 or even a stunning move, with Light Peak. But that's not going to happen. USB 3, however should! Apple has to think ahead. Remember the acendancy rule? Well then USB 2 should die.

Appleworks 2010!

I've been perplexed by the glass back on the phone. It never made sense considering the fragility of it regardless if its 20x stronger. I believe that Apple has a patent for gestures on the back of the phone and am wondering if that glass is there for such a reason.

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