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Apple Files Trademark for iPhone 4 Retail Packaging

1 - Apple Inc iPhone 4 retail pkg TM 
On June 29, 2010, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest trademark application pertaining to the retail packaging for the iPhone 4 under application 85070775. Apple has filed their trademark under International Class 009 covering all aspects of the iPhone's features that are presented in this report. The iPhone 4 has broken another Apple record by selling 1.7 million units of a product in just three days flat.

Apple's Trademark Application In-Part

2 - Apple Inc, iPhone 4 packaging Application in part for TM 

Apple Trademark: International Class Details

International Class 009: Handheld mobile digital electronic devices comprised of a mobile phone, video phone, digital media player, handheld computer, personal digital assistant, electronic personal organizer, pocket computer for note-taking, book and periodical readers, global positioning systems (GPS), electronic calendar, calculator, and camera, and capable of providing access to the Internet and sending and receiving electronic mail, digital audio, video, text, images, graphics and multimedia files; computer gaming machines; digital electronic devices for recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, playing and reviewing text, data, audio files, video files, and multimedia files.

Apple claims ownership of U.S. Registration Numbers 3470983, 3457218, and 3475327.

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