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May 20, 2010


Apple TV is really nice because it works with virtually all IR remotes. And because the Apple remote has so few buttons, it's really easy to map.

It would be even nicer if it supported Bluetooth device learning and not just IR. That way it would support game controllers as I imagine games on ATV would make Apple enter the console market.

Reminds me of this product redesign concept I did for college last year:

I think apps on the AppleTV would definitely be fun and make sense. In any case, can't wait to see where Apple is taking this product. Right now I wouldn't buy one, but I think there is HUGE potential for AppleTV.

This isn't a "Screenshot" in the classic sense, Jaw. It's a patent Figure that is drawn. Hence your theory is incorrect.

Or you know it could be the engineer at Apple that took the screenshot that the patent drawing is based on...

Hey Jack,

Good catch on the iPhone Simulator.

I read the referenced "developer" patent. I believe that the developer advantage is too narrow to implement it for that purpose alone:

-- you can already simulate single touch and pinch gestures using the mouse and kb
-- if you, as a developer, have a remote device (iphone) capable of multitouch, why not just install your app on the device
-- eventually, you will need to install on the device, anyway

However, I do see great value on running an iPhone/iPad simulator on a the desktop or on an HDTV via AppleTV.

As a developer, you can only install apps you develop on the simulator (other than those, few apps, provided by Apple). You cannot install app store apps on the simulator!

Now, if Apple were to remove the latter restriction, you would be able to run any app you purchased on the desktop or HDTV.

I have advocated this capability for quite a while.

It would be really appealing to be able to run any of the apps in the app store as widgets on the desktop:

-- for evaluation of app you are considering for purchase
-- to run the actual app, standalone, on the desktop in addition to running it on the device
-- to demonstrate or document features/problems with an app using screen capture, video capture, and annotation

The above, could be done without the need for any remote, multi touch device.

For other uses, you could display a multi-user game or collaborative document on a large screen TV or Video Wall. Each participant would use his multitouch device as a remote for his participation.

With an iPhone or iPod Touch, likely, the users would provide multitouch gestures using the device while looking at the large display.

With an iPad, the device could mirror the content of the large display on the device-- and the user would participate by gesturing on the device while looking at the device's screen.

There already is at least 1 app that does this within the iPhone OS ecosystem: Scrabble!

The iPad can display the board, and players' iPhones display their tiles;

There would be great potential for app developers and content providers in fields such as: entertainment; education; medical; artists/creatives; business presentations, etc.

So, yes-- running the iPhone/iPad simulator on the desktop and/or TV would be very attractive to app users and app developers, alike!

Dick Applebaum


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