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May 04, 2010


I am checking in with the app today. The seat reservation changes seem to work. We will see about international aspects of the app as well tomorrow.

Now if we can just get the airline staff to stop insisting that passengers turn off their iPods.

This is very interesting indeed. The fact that Apple has to work with both partners to make sure that the airline, car rentals, hotels and service notification and verifcations from the telecom all work seemlessly together via the iPhone isn't just about Air Canada's iApp. The unmanned baggage handling was covered in the iTravel patent and here we're seeing it in action etc, is very cool. NFC would be cool too, but that's an Airline's descision. It'll come in time.

@Gazoobee: I almost agree with you - Ha! Americans aren't fans of AT&T and we're not fans of Telus. That said, it's Air Canada and Telus leading the way here, so two thumbs up for their leadership.


Hey Jack,

It looks like the KDDI Ubiquitous solutions, that you wrote about a few years back, are on the verge of becoming a reality. I googled your posts but they appear to be lost in the ether.

Anyway, who would of thought that an Apple iPhone [yet to be invented] would be the "Ubiquitous" device?

Congrats on the site!

Interestingly, Air Canada is the worst most hated airline in Canada, and Telus is the worst, most hated telecom. Should be a good match!

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