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May 24, 2010


Just one idea as to where NFC could go:


I'd be interested to see how the ANT sensor support coming in a week or so - Coming a few days prior to WWDC potentially. Could Apple make a play into the sensor market?

I think Apple can crack the chicken egg problem. They simply produce >10 million chickens!
They add the feature to the phone. They tell the developers to go use it -it thus becomes a land grab - a gold rush - as it's a new market. Early adoption into NFC apps will land some serious money.
NFC brings other possibilities. And a bundle of 3rd party hardware/apps to boot. It makes its own economy.
matru - Apple's stated philosophy to be at the centre of your digital hub has been going for a while now.

important to know that these latest patents (this one included) will eventually let Apple play the privacy card, especially as other companies (ahem... Google) try to do the same.
I do believe Apple is preparing to fight GOOGLE the same way it fought IBM in the 80's by presenting it as an EVER_PRESENT entity that is always looking to centralize your life; which is exactly what they want to do!

@Kensai. Good Point. We could very well see Apple first ease this technology into other hardware. Yet, the iPhone and the iPod touch, to a lessor degree, is the key to making NFC make sense even on an iMac, MacBook or Apple TV. Time will tell.

There is also the chicken-egg problem. I've seen many patents showing the NFC also on desktop/laptop computers, third-party equipment, doors, ATMs, etc.

Will we first see the iPhone sporting such connectivity or, for example, the new iMac this fall? Having some sort of limited exposure in fixed devices may be the best showcase for the next "gold rush" in development which will be based on the Internet of Things (sensors and the cloud).

@Tom. This is a definite trend Tom and without a doubt a feature of tomorrow. Apple could easily begin integrating this into the iPhone in the next 12-24 months. In 2006 the iPhone patents began to explode on the scene and in 2007 we had the iPhone. Of course, you couldn't tell that it was an iPhone in 2006, but the patents discussed a wireless tablet with telephonic capabilities. The point is that a surge in patent activity on this scale, on one focused topic, is almost a sure fire sign that Apple is seriously pushing this new capability. Tom, check out our NFC Section.

Each time I read an Apple Patent I get the impression that Apple have a deeper understanding of the smart phone market - especially, where it's heading - than Google does... time will tell!

What would a NFC chip look like - i'm wondering if they could have been identified/ruled out when looking at the iPhone 4G teardown that have occured, or whether this will be summer 2011 at the latest.

Is there a NFC trend coming from Apple - or are they just hedging their patent bets?

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