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May 17, 2010


I can't imagine this involves integrating Facebook directly, but a new Social Networks API and Facebook happens to be one example of the exposed Service that makes your contacts/profile/friends updates/ current on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. This makes sense as integrating a Social Network backend distributed system to manage your ability to broadcast and scrape information from your various social network accounts, into a consistent, well-managed UI that doesn't require you to install Facebook.app, Twitter.app, Flickr.app, etc., unless they have more options not offered with this new solution.

This also hinges on negotiations between Apple and the various social networks to see just how much gets cross-exposure.

Facebook being the most visible social network would be the most likely candidate to have this new API demoed on.

Craig's List has had several fatalities [tragedies] happen and no I don't believe Facebook is on the skids.

With > 200 million profiles [we aren't talking about MySpace] you aren't going to see it falling apart. We might see some management changes that include a revamp of how the corporation deals with your published information and more, but we won't see this company crashing and burning due to the recent changes in privacy for advertising.

[Mark is a former NeXT/Apple engineer]

After the murder of the girl in Australia of whom she met and was lured to the forest to her ends, I think this will be a bad move on Apple's part to integrate Facebook. Additionally due to the abuse of personal data and impeding users 50 layers and options to allow them to maintain privacy. Facebook is on the skids...

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