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April 21, 2010



I’m a Mac user, iPhone evangelist and Apple shareholder and I embrace the game changing initiative in play. I’m also a principal in a business that provides contact center services to major travel firms. The reality is that in travel, things don’t always go as planned and (killer apps aside) ONLY the help of live humans can make things right.

Last week, I ordered (via phone) the new iPad. I had an amazing customer experience with Apple. A few minutes ago, I downloaded Jack Johnson’s latest from iTunes – As everyone knows that is a mindless transaction anymore. It will be interesting to see how well Apple integrates a philosophy of amazing customer service into its travel offering. Getting a Caribbean vacation right for a hard working family of four is waaaaay different than downloading a tune or taking an order for an iPad…

This has been happening all over Europe for more than a year. Paperless checkin, by reading an electronic boarding barcode, is used at every European airport today.

@gtpax, I don't know Apples plan for such integrations, however, I understand there are middle-man companies like Sabre and others alike performs/develops and integrates such systems. Not suggesting that its not difficult, however, it has been done before for airlines themselves.

Very nice description of very smooth and efficient booking & check-in/boarding processes. Remains a centric question: How will Apple iTravel interface with the several systems an airline uses to offer reservation and check-in services to the passenger. Seamless interfaces will need to be built to most airline reservation, inventory and departure control systems, for the application to have a universal usage. Quite a challenge ahead.

Sounds excellent. Can't wait for this to arrive soon enough and eliminate any interaction with the surly humans now still interjected between me and the airplane!

With Apple's recent patent applications which appear sensible and promising, one question strike me. What are the load of PhDs Google hired doing?

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