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April 16, 2010


When was it that an Intel (Moorestown) v. widescreen MID was held up in an audience as a rival to the iPhone? Seems only 3 years ago that Intel was pushing UMP, MID's. Menlow, Silverthorne, Moorestown? No wonder Intel has a bee in their bonnet - they don't want ARM chips running further away - It took them long enough to get Atom to stop guzzling so much power, and move towards the smaller, power sipping chips for smaller handheld devices. We'll see about whether Apple is really serious about making AMD a possibility for Macs - It could be a switch Apple could make. The "we've been secretly compiling our OS" could well be happening currently. WWDC 2010 might shed some light.

That's in the period in which Apple would've made a final decision to go with what is now the A4 instead of an Atom as the basis for iPad and future iPhones/iPod touch.

Along these lines, What do you think of this? http://www.technomicon.com/Tech_Chat.html
He believes Apple's A4 is based on the PA6T chip of PA Semi, which uses IBM's POWER Architecture. This would fit perfectly with Apple's hiring of Mark Papermaster, IBM's top expert in POWER architecture, in Nov 2008, and IBM's suit to stop it.

The Intel chips are irrelevant to Apple. If Intel finally makes some superior chips, Apple will use them as its mobile OS is extremely portable (pun intended). But if they don't, Apple won't. Very simple.

Intel has a vested interest to have everyone fighting to use their stuff. Apple is really leaving them out of the iPhone party and they need to stir the pot to see if they can get Apple to flinch.

Intel is doing well as of late, but they're not infallible either. I wouldn't be too concerned by this Intel "threat." The real pressure on Apple comes of the handset hardware and software, not the chips so much at this time. There are some really good chips out there, but Apple seems to be milking theirs better than anyone else right now.

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