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April 01, 2010


Sam, chill out. It was perhaps a goofy April 1 thingy. Mr. Weintraub is generally a decent guy. Not that I disagree with the heart of what your saying though. You're bang on about the purpose of patent graphics or figures.

I was laughing this morning at 9 to 5 Macs take on this. Not laughing at the patent but the silliness of thinking that it doesn't look like an apple product. Did they ever see some of the original patent graphics of the ipod or iphone being these massive thick boxes.

Patent illustrations are legal concepts of how a product is being designed to function. They aren't meant to ever represent the finished product's final appearance. Most people with half a brain know that. Whatever made 9to5 take that position is silly and his goofy picture is all the more funny. Did someone short circuit over there?

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