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April 02, 2010


It should be noted that when Patently Apple states "future MacBooks" it doesn't mean that they are imminent as some are attesting to. Patents don't provide release dates and neither do we.

Use some common sense folks.

Relax. Gizmodo has some good reports and some good writers. They like some patents and not others. It's just an opinion. One writer doesn't like it: so what?

Life moves on. Ha!

Note to Apple: Gizmodo thinks this is a stupid idea. Just fire the engineers, because Gizmodo doesn't like it, okay.

You know, the guys who wrote - Apple Gestapo: How Apple Hunts Down Leaks.

You know, the guys who went for negative headlines to get clicks with this headline: Steve Jobs, 1996: "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal."

So please Apple, pass your ideas past Gizmodo first, will ya, before applying for a patent.

It would appear that the system could be used for wall-size live videoconferencing, too.

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