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April 06, 2010


Sounds interesting.
Though I'd prefer a holographic display that can show images anywhere in the room.

I fully concur with your final "Side Bar" assertion. A lot of people have that narrow view. Unfortunately technologists are the worst, very easy to be spotted when criticizing the iPad. They'll never understand that making truly revolutionary products can be done, and will be done, with much more than a long list of specs and features.

Why not?

Wires will become obsolete. Peripheral devices would send/receive input/output/audio/video wirelessly through built-in or external interface modules that could be hooked up to any sound, video, mouse, keyboard, or other system using standard wired connectors or built-in wireless connectors (e.g., bluetooth). Essentially, the new "computer" would function as the brain containing the processor(s) and memory (likely solid-state storage) with wireless interfaces to external mass storage devices and a variety of audio, video, and input/output devices.

The "brain" could be outfitted with long-life batteries to drive this future low-power consumption system for extended periods without requiring a recharge. This would mean the only wiring required would be between distant wireless interfaces connected to external devices. At some point, new audio/video/storage devices would have such interfaces built in, making a completely wireless system.

There is no question that Apple's vision IS the future. And probably not very far into the future.

Why not?

Thumbs up to your Side Bar.

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