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April 01, 2010


Perhaps Apple just wants to keep anyone else from using that name to keep from confusing customers or maybe is just reserving it for a possible future use.

The iSlate will be the next step in Apple's path to tablet computing in it's fullest sense.
If you look at Apple's past road map of devices implemented with touch computing then it's a sure thing that they are laying the foundations for a full blown touch computing platform, coverging oad/or consolidating the technology with that of the full Mac OS and the iPhone OS... Notice how iPhone OS development is moving much quicker with major revisions than OS X..
iPhone OS will evolve to a common name for Apple's mobile platform.

Couldn't the iSlate refer to a touchscreen computer to take the place of the iMac in the future?

Does Apple have a history of securing trademarks that it in the end doesn't use?

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