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March 18, 2010


Great stuff! i got a lot of inspiration from this post. it's very interesting .... Thanks

I'd like to thank a few people who have taken the time to make a comment on Patently Apple this morning - yet won't have their comments appear on our site.

Patently Apple is not the proper forum to air out what you perceive to be a patent dispute. If you have a problem with patents in general, please contact the USPTO. If you're a patent holder who thinks that they have first rights to a technology, then that should be taken up with Apple's legal team at: iplaw@apple.com.

I like Apple products and the iPhone.I think that the device and new creations to existing protocols are patentable yet think that the network principles have already been done before.

I usually attend business shows with our sales team. We split up to cover the entire floor looking for the next great idea. We call each other when we find something, some use texting. But with this idea, we could set it before we go unto the show floor to be in a group under this arrangement and be able to collectively communicate ideas or point to booths that we should visit without the phone ringing etc.

Excellent idea for business shows.

@matt - the beginning of the second paragraph under concerts states the following: "Either during the concert or sometime thereafter..."

Apple is not "compelling" anyone to stay glued to their phones during a concert. Some people will text on occasion during a highlight of a show or just towards the end or thereafter so that they could commmunicate with friends where to meet after the concert etc.

This is a great idea.

i agree with magnum that this may not get on the 4G but that we could expect it later.

This is the most ridiculous idea to patent to date. To think that a company wants to compel people to stay glued to their phone during a concert or solo performance..... is hands down, ridiculous.

The report clearly states that Apple is "working" on this. The leap to this being ready for the 4G in weeks or a few months is a little too optimistic and unrealistic, in my view.

On the other hand, not even a morsel of this news, has been sprouted on the iPhone 4G model. So for the meantime, just wait.

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