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March 08, 2010


What about the long lusted after Apple Tivo marriage?

Hey Marc - yes it would be very interesting if Apple was working with DirecTV or Dish (or any PayTV company really) to produce a DVR solution. I wonder if there's more scope working with a satellite TV company than a cable TV company?

I almost see News Corp getting in bed with Apple for FTA TV, worldwide payTV networks, newspapers, and magazines... could be an interesting combination. But News Corp no longer owns DirecTV does it?

My bet is both DirecTV and Dish are vying for the next AppleTV VDR solution.

Apple has an ability to find a need and address that need with a solution no other company has considered. There are millions of homes with 3 or 4 remotes in the living room (including one from the cable company) because nobody wants to look at the big picture.

I think that a truly universal remote sold separately would outsell the IPhone.

@Tom - Blu-ray will never happen on Apple hardware, wireless is the future of video.

Maybe like many times, we need to take Jobs' quote on not interested either with a pinch of salt, or with an analytical eye. Technically a computer with a TV tuner could be considered a TV, but it's more like an iMac that does TV, than a TV that does OS X.

Makes sense for the ATV to fit into the puzzle by enslaving the TV for the user's needs.

Would Apple let the Apple TV go blu-ray without updating their other hardware?

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