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March 31, 2010


Interesting to see that Apple hasn't really pushed an update to Nike+ or it's sporting aspects - could Apple introduce this in parallel with iTunes X / new iPods? As a sporting person who's done some work in the science field - day to day the concept of linking up Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) would be beneficial on a sporting level, as much as a scientific/medical level. Seeing as Apple has already shown that they enjoy promoting scientific/medical apps and hardware, WWDC 2010 may well involve some of the above. It's worthwhile noting that some of the medical hardware demoed, hasn't yet been released to my knowledge. Has Apple held back on some medical/sporting angles? (Apart from the patent disputes with Nike+ previously).

Apple could open up a metric shedload of new hardware sensors to link the iPhone,Touch,iPad,Mac to, if/when it wants to. Sorting out something other than ANT+ might help for the sporting side.

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