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March 05, 2010


Interesting. Thanks for the great article.

Just because they're patenting this doesn't mean they'll implement it. They just might sit on it to prevent competitors from doing it.

Most likely the ad-based shows will be offered free and Apple will get compensation from the producers. If you wish to watch without ads you then pay for the show. Similar to todays' over-the-air vs. cable TV with the exception of having to interact with the commercial. Of course this also helps sell new hardware due to an extensive download catalog.

Is Steve Jobs going out of is mind to imagine such a monstruosity? This will be a big, big, mistake.

If Apple does this, or raises the cost for a copy of the show without commercials, I will no longer purchase my TV shows from iTunes. I will go back to buying the season on DVD and ripping it into iTunes. Adding commercials removes all incentive to buying from iTunes vs. DVD.

Excellent photo DallasM - Good catch.

It's Charlie and Claire!


That unlocking idea is exactly what Hulu does now isn't it?

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