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March 11, 2010


Whilst Nike and Apple had IP issues with Nike+, it seems that around 2008 onwards Apple's still been involved in patenting sports ideas. There was either a fake, or real hint of Nike integration into iTunes last year (iSpazio had the picture) - maybe Apple is waiting till the 4th generation iPhones, Touches, (and iTunes X? No word on what's happening there to my knowledge) are released this summer.

Would be a great addition - Nike's had ages to update Nike+ to integrate being able to communicate with a wireless Heart rate monitor (HRM). WHIlst ANT+ is proprietary (Garmin's not exactly pushed their IP or product on much) - surely Nike and APple could find a way around this?

ANT+ had a lower battery usage maybe, but surely BT, wifi (widi?) or other means could help catch this up?

It seems that companies like RunKeeper, and others, are starting to get closer into the patented territory of Apple in certain regards in the sports - iPod/iPhone field. Can't wait to see what evolves!

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