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On March 1, 2010, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest trademark application for "Joint Venture" under application 77942739. Apple has filed their trademark under International Classes 35 relating to retail services; 37 relating to Maintenance/repair and consultancy services; 41 relating to education services and 42 relating to hardware and software technical support. Today, Apple offers various in-store training services such as the Genius Bar, Business, Youth Programs and One-to-One. Their latest trademark would suggest that they may have developed yet another in-store business class service. Then again, could Apple be thinking of something bigger or bolder here, such as kick starting a new venture capital subsidiary? At Apple's latest Shareholder's meeting held last week, Steve Jobs stated that "When we think about big, bold things, we know that if we needed to acquire something, a piece of the puzzle, to make something big and bold a reality, we could write a check for it." Although the former is more likely to fit the bill for their latest trademark filing, the latter can't be easily discounted. For now, we'll let Apple's competition brood over that last possibility for awhile.


Apple's "Joint Venture" Trademark Filing In-Part



International Classes Detailed in Today's Trademark Application


International Class 035: Retail store services featuring computers, computer software, computer peripherals, and consumer electronic devices, and demonstration of products relating thereto.


International Class 037: Maintenance, installation and repair of computer hardware, computer peripherals, computer networks, and consumer electronic devices; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid.


International Class 041: Education and training services, namely, personal instruction and conducting classes, workshops, conferences and seminars in the field of computers, computer software, computer peripherals, online services, information technology, internet website design, video products and consumer electronics; arranging of exhibitions, seminars and conferences; arranging professional workshop and training courses; providing on-line publications in the nature of newsletters in the field of computers, computer software, computer peripherals, online services, information technology, internet website design, video products and consumer electronics


International Class 042: Technical support and consulting services pertaining to computer hardware, computer peripherals, computer software and consumer electronics; troubleshooting and computer diagnostic services for computer hardware, computer peripherals, computer software and consumer electronic devices; consulting services in the field of selection, implementation and use of computer hardware and software systems for others.


Priority based on foreign filing: Apple has a bona fide intention to use the mark in commerce on or in connection with the identified goods and/or services and asserts a claim of priority based on Jamaica application number 54,380, filed 08/26/2009.


For the record, Patently Apple has found that Apple Inc. has also filed "Joint Venture" with China's Trademark Office under number 301549783.


Although Apple's US filing was only made public today, the documentation is shown to have been filed on February 23, 2010.


NOTICE: Patently Apple presents only a brief summary of new trademarks with associated graphic(s) for journalistic news purposes as each such trademark is revealed by the U.S. and/or other foreign Patent & Trademark Offices. Readers are cautioned that the full text of any patent and/or trademark applications and/or grants should be read in its entirety for further details.



Computer Repair Sheffield

This would be a big step for Apple as they would be going head-to-head against Microsoft on a grander level now. Apple doesn't have a presence in the enterprise world because currently they don't have such infrastructure to support businesses like Microsoft does.


Could the joint venture be between Apple and the customer - something to progress from the workshops Apple already does - like the one to one service, but on a more group format?

You come in with your goal - scanning, music, setting up something, starting on an app etc - and Apple provides help with this. Kind of making it a bit more informal than just lecturing passing customers.

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