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February 25, 2010


As an engineer I like to keep myself updated,and as the 3d gesture recognition of project Natal has been in the news for quite some time this idea didn't seem anything new to me.

Another point to be noted -the new Xbox 360 3d gesture recognition has an additional laser depth scanner in addition to stereoscopic cam arrangement to facilitate nontrivial gesture gesture recognition. Even then it consumes 10% of the cpu resource of xbox360 as we all know DIP and Computer Vision are processor intensive workloads. A 10% load for the Xenon cpu means a considerable overhead for any smartphone cpu. Unless facilitated by a separate processor this sensing-visualization feedback loop may bring the phone down to its knees even in the most trivial scenarios. And additional processor means less battery life.

So its going to be interesting to see how the problem is tackled in a real life product.

while the concept of this is really clever i'm more worried about battery life here. won't this whole idea just drain the battery? i suppose the camera has to be on the whole time to "capture" the gestures.

To the Redmond Fanboy: No, I don't see a resemblance to anything Redmond. Ha!

Guys,before hailing all your praises over the idea don't you think that the concept has an uncanny resemblance to a certain project Natal that has been developed by a company in Redmond for its game console?

I like how Apple is all about trying different concepts. I need to make the switch from blackberry to iphone for that reason alone.

I currently do not have an iphone. I was going to go out today and upgrade to it. Anybody know when a new iphone will be coming out? I'm afraid to go out and get one then only for a new one to be released. That seems to be my luck. If not for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. If one is not due to come out in the near future, then I'll go get the 3gs. However, if something newer will be released, I could wait. Any ideas??? Thanks.

Shall we predict that the new design will have a bigger camera surface area ? I think the present size of the camera is too small to have multiple slide detections.

Michael, while your observation is noted, however FIG .2 is showing a rendering of the finger behind the phone itself. Also take a look at your phone now (if it has a camera) and you will notice that the camera is on the back left side which is standard. This is because if you hold your phone to your ear you will notice that your finger is always on the top right of the phone no matter what hand you use. This is because the idea is to keep the oil from your fingers of the lens as much as possible. So the question now becomes how Apple has decided to implemte the concept of gestures into a usage and second nature process.

Although a little off topic, you make a good point Steve. I'm a fan of useful features myself...and we sure get a lot of them from Apple.

Maybe someone at Apple will read your comment and get cracking on that Steve. You never know.


Hey Michael, I was able to do the swipe perfectly fine with my thumb. I don't know if I'm extraordinarily unusual or what, but cheers.

seems like a waste to me. I rather them work it out so that when you are reading an email and select an embedded web link that when you close the webpage, it automatically returns you to your email. Having to select email again seems repetitive? These are USEFUL features.

This is apple...Take a simple concept which was never thought of before.... make it into an extra ordinary feature....

No words.... I am dumb-founded.

FWIW, I generally hold my phone with my left hand, leaving my right hand free to write things down or use my computer. The camera is in the right place for a left hand index finger.

That's an interesting observation, Michael. In all practicality, your right and I'm sure Apple must have thought this out. If this actually comes to market, I'm sure that Apple will realize the camera has to be moved. In fact, a few recent patents talk about video calling and point to a camera that is centered on the phone. Lastly, you only have to wave your finger over the camera, not touch it. So a center positioned camera would work. But for now, Mike, you found a flaw in the graphic. Good catch!


Interesting idea. But the camera is on the wrong side of the phone for this to be comfortable for right-handed users. Hold your phone in your palm and try it out. Indeed, it's not physically possible to hold the phone in your palm as shown in the drawings above. Your hands don't bend like that.

Amazing, love how Apple breaks all limitations and boundaries. As cliche as it may sound " Think Different" is definitely a mantra that Apple lives up to.

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