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February 02, 2010


Be on the lookout for Apple to eventually patent a thought-sensitive device. It's not science fiction; such technology has been in the works for a while now. When it happens, you can be sure they'll make a killing in patent enforcement.

This appears to build upon the "gesture area" on the palm pre. Perhaps apple is hedging their bets when it comes to competing with palm on pure interface techniques

Good article! I think the function isn't included in the first generation iPad, maybe Apple is already started develop the second iPad?

I also published an article in Dutch about this report:

It's sounding more and more that when the iPad is finally released for general distribution in the early Summer it is going to contain many features and functions (F&Fs) that were not discussed — or even hinted at — during the Introductory on 1/27, and that these surprising F&Fs are going to make the iPad a truly magical device to own and use. Yesterdays news that there's also a machined cutout in the iPad's metal frame that could contain the same camera as used in the laptops adds to this perception (though it's not shown in any of the above patent application sketches).

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