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February 09, 2010


Excellent contribution Kevin.

I'm a fan of Google's "street view" and this only makes sense. I was visiting Montreal on Street View because I have friends there and it was great to see where they live and what restaurants they eat in etc. But I couldn't go in the restaurant. In the future, I will - and that's a fantastic contribution that will benefit both commercial establishments and consumers. We'll be able to check out a restaurant, their menu and maybe, some day, make our own reservations!

Apple's store could offer a realistic view as well, which was touched on in the Tablet Prophecies miniseries Part Two:

The virtual store may be like a 3D game or it could very well take on a "street view" type of real-world view. Whatever Apple has in mind, should they execute on this concept, will be one of the best to be sure.

The 3D online store is currently being tested by Google (streetview) for a store. I often thought that online grocery shopping needed a step up. currently online grocery shopping involves lists and lists. I would love if we could visit a local virtual store and go to the exact virtual shelf.

See: http://phandroid.com/2010/02/04/google-store-view-under-development/

FWIW: David Koski seems to have come to Apple after leaving NeXT and founding RunningStart.

David was one of the original architects of Enterprise Object Frameworks [EOF] at NeXT which was crucial for Openstep and WebObjects when WOF was ObjC. It's nice to see him back on-board.

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