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January 26, 2010


Believe it or not, there is a rumor that the Apple tablet device will be featured in an episode of "24."

It would make sense, from a marketing point of view, for Apple to put the new device on the show. Over the years, Apple has done many product placements on 24 and just about every other movie or TV show featuring computers.

I'd like to see Jack call in an air strike using the Apple tablet device. It would be this simple:

0. Launch the CTU Killer Drone augmented-reality app,
1. Enter login ("jackb") and password ("iloverenee") to gain control of the killer drone,
2. Swipe to scroll and pinch to zoom to locate desired target,
3. Tap desired target to obtain laser sighting lock,
4. Double-tap target to confirm, triple-tap to launch missile,
5. Wait for impact,
6. Tap camera icon to snap bomb damage assessment pix,
7. Tap "Share" to send pix to the CTU MobileMe Gallery.

Then Jack could launch Tweetie and boast: "Just greased Tony Almeida again. Michelle was MY beehatch sucka."

I like HiLife that Jesse has put forward. Whoa, nice name. It plays off of iLife, iWork, iPod, Wi-Wi with a sense of the tablet being highly sociable etc.

I really like HiLife.

I'd like to see Hi-Life as the name of the tablet

How about iLive

+1 for Barbarossa. I've stated on other forums that I think it's time to bring back "iBook" as a product name.

+1 for 24 also. Starts off with a bang each season, and usually the first 3 or 4 hour story arc has nothing to do with the season climax, so it's never predictable. (And Annie Wersching being such a doll adds extra appeal IMHO.)

When it comes to a future notebook-tablet hybrid, I'm hoping that the iBook brand will rightfully return as well, Barbarossa.

Good one.

Personally, I think Apple should revive the 'iBook' name. They already own the rights, the tablet like the first iBook before it will be an innovative piece of gear and, of course, it's being touted as an "internet book."

The name "iPad" has already been savaged by parodies on TV and "iSlate" just sounds strange to me.

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