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January 09, 2010


In respect to your funny glasses comment James, I made a similar comment in the report noted above "On the Cusp of a Whole New Industry." -

"Apple's technology is way ahead of the curve on this front in that their advances could eventually give viewers the ability to perceive 3D TV without the aid of goofy goggles."

Yet for a more sophisticated 3D UI and for 3D iPhoto, I vehemently disagree. Under our 3D + section you should check out the report titled "Apple Preparing OS X for New High End 3D Interface." The response to that report was extremely positive and the community most definitely wants it.

But a 3D UI by itself is silly. And Apple knows that for 3D to stick beyond a short term gimmic, they have to support it with 3D iPhoto and the ability to create avatars in iMove 3D. It's not for everyone James, but there's a huge demographic that do.

There's too much evidence in the industry to deny the fact that this is coming to the consumer over the next few years and will only get bigger over time. I could remember a time when the community thought the iPod was stupid and didn't think there was a market for that too. So only time will tell.

The answer is no.

3D is a pie in the sky dream.

Consumers have not shown any inclination for 3D. 3D means the use of animation in entertainment, not real people.

3D has not been popular in Movie Theaters. Why should it be popular on home TVs?

For what compelling reason would consumers want 3D? Particularly when they have to put on funny glasses to see 3D?

Bring it on! That would be sweet. While I can't think of how Apple would do iMovie, I can see iPhoto 3D being a smash hit. Excellent observation by the way.

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