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January 27, 2010


It seems to be standard disgruntled employee BS to me, to consider a great company like Apple as "terrorist".

So, this guy is saying that Apple is a screwed-up company that is destined to lose money and fail? I think it would be good to be in an organization that didn't have dozens of leaks. Most workers could easily be turned over for a thousand bucks which could definitely harm a company. Industrial espionage is something you don't want in any company.

Having worked at NeXT and Apple this guy is full of crap. Clearly, he wasn't well respected and received when he worked there so it's quite easy to see how one, out of the loop, could conceive of an organization being secretive and covert.

I never had that problem. I wasn't one who disrespected my legal obligations to my employer and wanted to take from them.

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