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January 28, 2010


With such a library of touch patents I find it strange that Apple hasn't tried to enforce them. The exception being the fight with Nokia. My guess is that despite poaching from some competitors Apple doesn't view them as long term competition. Should they start to take serious market share from Apple's products I would expect Apple to move. One has to wonder if they're waiting for some cross licensing patents to appear such that Apple could gain some features patented by others. Waiting could yield more potential value in this case.

Could Apple's patents be venerable should Apple wait too long to enforce them? If not I can see the value in waiting as outright denying their use by others might be a public relations issue. Thanks for the summary. I would have liked a GPS capacity to avoid the need for 3G. I can see it appearing in an iPad model for automobiles. I expect the iPod Touch with a camera should have GPS.

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