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January 20, 2010


It's the amazing user experience that will sell the Apple tablet device, not the hardware specs. This is something that HP, Skiff, Amazon, and all the other e-reader / slate / tablet PC makers won't understand until Apple rolls out their new device. And that amazing experience will attract content providers and software developers by the droves.

So, the HPs and Dells of the world will be forced into the same old price war. They're already trying to push each other off the low-price cliff by cutting costs and corners on their desktop computers, laptops, and those pitiful netbooks. Now they'll be trying to push each other off the same cliff by cutting corners on tablet PCs and slates. In the end, they all lose against Apple.

I haven't seen any indication as to whether the iSlate will have WIFI only or also a cellcard option. My hope is actually for a hybrid: An on board WIFI (duh) but with a secondary option for iphone users to tether over bluetooth via their iphone's 3G connection. This would be the best of both worlds, allowing Apple users to save money by not having to subscribe to another carrier account, but still allowing iphone users to give their tablets 'remote/non-wifi' data connections.

Regarding the Quad Antennas - I have noticed with my iPhone that when I try to watch YouTube videos in areas of the house with weak signal, that it only works in Portrait orientation. I think holding it in Landscape covers the antenna with my hands. Quad Antennas would solve this issue.

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