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January 21, 2010


Good point Chris. I edited out the words "Network Computer" in the body of the report when posting. So thanks for pointing that out. If you don't know what it is, then perhaps others could have missed this too. So I've reset the sub-header to read "Welcome to the NC (Network Computer) Revolution.

What is NC?

Interesting discussions in all three parts. Thanks.

The Russian text roughly translates to:

Verizon was greatly pleased with the Hub and would like to see this device working again.

Спасибо за статью.
Очень понравился Verizon hub, хотелось бы иметь дома/на работе такое устройство:)

Over the years, whenever tablet computers were discussed, everyone has tried to figure out how it would fit in with the smartphones, laptops and desktop computers they already own. Personally, I found it hard to justify.

But what if Apple has been looking at the tablet from a different direction? Instead of trying to figure out how to use it from an INDIVIDUAL perspective, try look at it from a FAMILY or HOUSEHOLD perspective.

When the tablet is at home, it can use WIFI to talk to the home network (and everything connected to it). Picture it sitting in the family room. A universal remote - control an AppleTV, Airport Express, all your other electronics, etc. A home automation controller - change the thermostat if you're too hot or too cold. Turn lights off or on (X-10, Insteon, Z-Wave, etc). If the tablet can handle multiple user accounts, imagine sitting down watching TV and handing it from person to person to quickly check personal email or surf the Internet. With the right VoIP software, the tablet could replace the house phone. Tie it into a home surveillance system to pull up live feeds from video cameras installed around the house. In the morning, bring it into the kitchen and check weather/traffic/breaking news for the daily commute while sipping that cup of coffee. e-books, e-magazines, e-newspapers, you get the idea.

When the family travels, bring the tablet along and use a 3G service when WIFI is not available. Check traffic, and use the GPS to get directions. Hand it to the kids to play games. Stream music from the "iTunes Cloud". Surf the internet to check on local points of interest.

Even if every family only buys one tablet per household, think of the potential market!

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