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January 07, 2010


There are a few misconceptions out there today.

The number one misconception - is that the name of Apple's soon-to-be tablet will be that of the "MacBook Tablet." Not so.

The current patent presents us with a notebook with a touch display, which is confirmed by a previous patent duly noted in the opening paragraph of this report. In the previous patent, there's an illustration that shows us a notebook that has a display that could slide over the keyboard to create a tablet. Thus Notebook = MacBook and the slide display = Tablet. This is a description of the end product, not the actual branding from Apple.

Secondly, a MacBook Tablet concept that Apple has shown us is likely to be coming to a version of a MacBook "sometime in the future." This may have nothing to do with what Apple has on tap in the next few weeks or months. Apple will likely have several iterations of tablets over the next 3-5 years like they have various iPod iterations.

I hope this clarifies some myths that have been created in the ecosystem today.


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